Steel Hearts Proof-of-Concept Demo Update


A new update for the Steel Hearts Proof-of-Concept demo has been released.
All content is placeholder, and all writing is subject to change.

This update is primarily typo fixes, but there are also two new songs.

Replaced the placeholder “melancholic scene” song with a new one by Alwin.
Added a new Waltz song by Alwin for the ball scene.
Fixed an anachronistic phrase in “Act 1 Day 1: Impact”
Fixed a German grammar issue in “Act 2J Day 6: Breathing Room”
Removed an extraneous word in Bryn’s conversation in “Act 1 Day 13H: Heavy Metal”
Fixed an absolute disgrace of a sentence in Bryn’s conversation with Beatrice in “Act 1 Day 10: Transfer Student”
Fixed a word choice issue in Caleb and Juliet’s drill instructor conversation in “Act 1 Day 2: The Knight, the Bishop, and the Queen”
Fixed an issue where Caleb thought the festival was closer than it was in “Act 1 Day 10: First Contact”
Fixed a typo about Panzers in “Act 1 Day 10: First Contact”
Fixed Caleb not being able to count in “Act 2H Day 9: Closer”
Fixed Caleb using an old name for Nora Franz in her scene.

The link can be found on our discord server:

We would appreciate any feedback!