Steel Hearts Progress Report – December 2, 2021

Welcome to The Combat Report, the development blog for Steel Hearts, an alternate history about love, war, and mechs. This is another progress report. With the newest demo nearing completion, we thought we’d check in one more time.

To recap, the demo will cover the whole common route, plus the first half of each heroine’s route. All of the writing has been completed aside from one action sequence, and all of the sprites are prepared except for two side characters and some tertiary characters. Presently, my focus is on coding the scenes into the game, while my director is finishing up editing and writing the aforementioned action scene. So far, about half of the common route has been coded in.

Compared to the last, private demos, this one is fully-featured with sound effects, camera movement, and sprites that blink and move their mouths. Here is a snippet of some of that in action. Do note that, of course, these graphics are PLACEHOLDER and do not represent the final product.

Although there are a number of scenes left to code, I have been keeping good pace, so I expect to be finished by the ‘end of December’ deadline. Although I cannot promise it, I would like to include a Tsujidou-style ‘tutorial’ and a Steins;Gate-style ‘encyclopedia’ as well if I have time.

That’s it for now. Please look forward to Steel Hearts! If you’d like to follow development closer or access the demo when it comes out, please visit us at our Discord: https://discord(DOT)gg/CnqqZd2s

You can contact me at Twitter ( or on Discord (Palladion#5914). Thanks for checking in!

Author: Palladion

Hi, I'm Palladion, the writer for Steel Hearts. Back in 2016, I read Katawa Shoujo, and became enamored with VNs and writing ever since. Aside from VNs, I also enjoy video games, TTRPGs, reading, and occasionally watching anime, drawing, or building models. Contact me at: Twitter – Discord – Palladion#5914

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